Survival Shovel: 10 Important Uses For Your e-Tool

A lot of people don't add an e-tool or survival shovel to their bug out bags. Many people don't understand the importance of a shovel until they actually need one. The truth about folding shovels is this: If you're going to use it every day for work, get something specific to your need. 

A rancher digging irrigation ditches should have a heavy duty spade, someone in Alaska should have a wide head snow shovel, and a gardener should have a gardening spade.

That being said, if SHTF and you need a fire pit or a bathroom hole in a pinch, you're going to wish you were carrying something like this with you.

Here are 10 important reasons you should add a survival shovel to your bug out bag

1. Stuck Vehicle

If your vehicle is stuck in the snow or mud you can clear the tires and axels to free a vehicle.

2. Outdoor Toilet

Anyone who goes camping, hiking, or backpacking knows that you don't have a lot of choices when it comes to a potty stop. Use your shovel to dig a latrine hole in a few minutes and cover it up to make everyone happy.

3. Dakota Fire Hole

Want to make a fire but you don't want people to see your flames or smoke? The only way you can make a Dakota Fire Hole is with some type of digging tool.

4. Gardening Trowel

Short-term thinking, this is a great gardening tool for your basic garden maintenance. 

Long-term thinking, you'll be two steps ahead of everyone if SHTF and we all end up having to live off the land again. 

5. Pick Axe Can Break Up Ice

In the winter you can break the ice for animals trying to get at a water trough, hammer a hole into a lake for ice fishing, or just break away ice so you can retrieve drinking water.

6. Cut Branches

The saw portion of this folding shovel is a serrated edge that takes up one entire side of the head.  

Use it to cut branches for firewood and use the sawdust for tinder.

7. Start a Fire

The handle portion of this e-tool can be unscrewed and you'll find a fire starter inside. Strike the flint against the sharp edge of the shovel head to create a spark. You can also use a knife or any metal object as an alternative. 

8. Clear Brush

Trying to get through an overgrown hiking trail that is leaving welts all over your arms and legs?

It might be hard to do unless you pack a machete. But If you fold your entrenching tool at 90 degrees and start swinging away at brush, it works well (not as good as a machete but will get the job done).

9. Search and Rescue

If someone gets caught in an avalanche or lodged in sticky mud you can use your e-tool as a rescue device to free them.

10. Kill a Zombie

Video source

Use the pick-axe end of the tool and tighten it in place at a 90-degree angle. When a zombie comes at you, simply slam this sucker down on his head and save the day.

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