Why Don't People Think 'Survival Prepping" Is Crazy Anymore?

Just a few years, ago claiming that you were a prepper would get you lumped in with all the crazy people.

And while we still have a few folks who are gearing up for an alien invasion, those examples are few and far between.

In a recent article on Document Journal, we take a look at why people are actually prepping these days and why the average person no longer thinks prepping is crazy.

The same week that the Swedish government papered their cities with 4.8 million pamphlets instructing citizens what to do in the sudden event war should break out, residents of Lake Worth, Florida received a 2 a.m. notification that their electricity was being shut off due to “extreme zombie activity.”

In an age of bombastic media coverage and panic inducing push notifications warning of impending tsunami waves or ballistic missiles, it’s not unreasonable to feel that the end is more nigh than it’s ever felt before. These are nigh times, and new research published in the Journal of Risk Research claims that one particular cultural movement is the literal embodiment of end-times anxiety, survivalists or doomsday “preppers.”

After researchers fanned out across 18 states in the U.S., speaking with survivalists of all degrees, a more nuanced picture has emerged of those typically painted as hysterical hoarders of canned foods, bottled water, and ammunition in the event that the United Nations declares a one world government.

In actuality, the majority of survivalists are influenced less by Reddit threads and Infowars, but a general sense that a governmental response in the event of a disaster won’t be quick enough or efficient enough to protect them. 

Check out the full article on Document Journal

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