6 Ridiculous Survival Myths You Should Ignore

Lots of great DIY and survival hacks get shared on social media, but you should be careful which ones you try to follow.

Some survival guides have been proven to be the opposite of helpful and today we're taking a look at them.

Here are 6 survival myths you shouldn't believe

1. Food should be your top priority

While food is certainly up there in importance, it is not the most important. You can last 3 weeks without food, while you can only go 3 days without water. And not just any water, it should be fresh flowing not stagnant. Even then, you should filter your water.

2. You can suck out snake venom

The truth is, snake venom is already in your bloodstream if you've been bitten.  Extractor kits have some success but sucking on a snake bite is liable to do more harm than good.

3. You can start a fire if you rub sticks together long enough

I don't know why pop culture has made it normal for people to think that they can just rub a couple of sticks together. Making a fire without a fire starter can be done, but the process is more complicated than rubbing two sticks together.

4. Shelter means a roof over your head

Insulating from the ground is often more important than keeping out the wind. Technically shelter means a place where you can sleep. And you should be able to sleep without freezing your tail off.

5. Play dead if you are attacked by a bear

Stop, drop, and play dead might work on Grizzly bears but it will only get you eaten if you try it on a Black Bear.

6. You can eat whatever plants animals eat

Birds and other animals can gobble down foods that would be toxic to humans. Holly Berries for example are fine for birds but cause diarrhea and vomiting in humans.

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