9 Survival Items You Can Scavenge From Abandoned Vehicles

Have you ever heard the term "another man's trash is another man's treasure?"

In a survival situation, a junkyard or an old broken down car in the woods might just be the one thing that keeps you alive. Recently, Best Survival wrote an interesting piece about what you can scavenge from abandoned vehicles when SHTF.

Here are 9 Survival Items You Can Scavenge From Abandoned Vehicles

1. Car Body

The car body and the roof could make a shelter. If the interior is still intact you'll be sleeping a lot more comfortable than someone on the ground.

Some cars might even still start, and perhaps were abandoned for other reasons like a broken axle. If that's the case you can fire it up to generate heat.

2. Trunk, Glovebox, and Center Console

The trunk, glovebox, and center console of a vehicle are where a lot of people keep their emergency gear.

You might get lucky and find first aid kits, flashlights, or knives that you can add to your bug out bag - or in this case (S has already HTF bag). The glovebox will also usually have a manual which is good for starting fires.

3. Rear View Mirrors

Mirrors have a lot of overlooked uses.

  • You can use them to signal for help.
  • You can check an injury in hard to see places like your mouth or back.
  • You can use it to reflect light into holes and snake dens when looking for food.
  • You can angle it to see who is approaching without being seen.
  • You can groom yourself so you look good for potential mates who also survived.

4. Seats

As I stated above, car seats and rear cushions make comfortable beds. Seargent Survival wrote 

With leather seats, you can create shoes and bags.

Seats made of fabric can be used for warmth and clothing, and if the seats happen to have seat covers, you can use those as covers for the ground or a blanket.

And with a little bit of elbow grease, you can clean them up.

5. Headlights

You can take apart headlights and utilize the magnifying piece to start fires.

With a little modification, you can also use the lights:

  • As a cutting tool.
  • As bowl or plate if you don't have a cooking kit.
  • Or as a trowel to dig small holes.

6. Electrical Wiring

Use the wiring to make rope for shelters, traps, or to hang gear and food that you don't want to leave lying on the ground.

7. Doors

With a multitool, you can disassemble a door and use it as a heatshield, a sled to pull an injured person on, or the sides and top of a shelter. You could also use it as a sign to warn or welcome fellow survivors.

8. Seatbelts

Seatbelts are strong like paracord and can be kept in one piece and used as:

  • A tow rope.
  • A support rope for shelter or hammock.
  • Unwind the threads if you need to give someone stitches.
  • Tie down an animal or intruder.
  • String a bow.

9. Gas Tank

Often times an old abandoned vehicle will have a little bit of fuel or oil left in its tank.

You can use this to start fires, create boobie traps, or siphon it to use on vehicles that are still in working order.

Can you think of other survival items that can be scavenged from an old car or truck?

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