5 Life-Saving Survival Hacks You Need This Summer

Now that the weather is getting warmer campers and backpackers should prepare themselves for things that might happen.

You could get lost on a hike with limited water, need to make a fire, shield yourself from the sun, or even cook up some food.

Here are 5 Survival Hacks You Need This Summer

Smoke Signals

Lost in the woods?  Use a mixture of green and dried kindling on your fire.  When the flame is large enough, briefly smother it with your green leaves. 

Ran out of water

If you don't have a water filter straw or a fresh water source you're not completely SOL. Dig a hole, cut a water bottle in half, put the bottom half in the hole and cover with plastic. A rock in the center and small cut out will allow the collected moisture to drip through. 

Or tie off leafy branches with plastic bags.  They will collect moisture.

Sun Protection

Without a hat in midday sun, you're just asking for heatstroke.  Use your tshirt as a balaclava mask to keep dust and sun rays off of your head, neck, face, and shoulders.

Fast Kindling

Need kindling but don't have a knife?  Borrow your kid's pencil sharpener to cut up perfect fire starter kindling.

Smoke-Free Fire Hole

The Dakota Fire Hole is a great way to make a fire that can't be seen when people walk by. 

Great if you're keeping a low profile, the conditions are windy, or you need a hot flame for cooking.

As far as the usefulness of these survival hacks - I'd say being able to collect water out of thin air is the most important.  The downside is that it takes a long time. 

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