6 Survival Deals for Your Dad This Father's Day

So you want to get your dad something for Father's Day that he's actually going to use?

You sound like a good kid, he should be proud that he made you.

Here are some father's day deals for less than $20 that your dad will put to good use. Click the share button to save 15%

Credit Card Tool

  • Fits in wallets and glove compartments.
  • Features a magnifying glass, mini knife, and metal tweezers.
  • Comes with gift box and emergency whistle.

Tactical Pen

  • Crafted from aviation aluminum alloy.
  • Equipped with penlight and glass breaker.
  • Banned by Amazon for being too badass.

10 in 1 Survival Keychain

  • Waterproof pill bottle.
  • 10 piece fishing kit.
  • Wire saw.
  • 5 feet of paracord.

Fire Starter Flint

  • Firesteel capable of produces 30,000 sparks.
  • Waterproof tinder keychain.
  • Multitool scraper and paracord lanyard.

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