Summer Camping Survival Hacks

One of the big perks of knowing "survival hacks" is the amount of space and weight you can save when you're planning a camping trip.

Survivalists and preppers pride themselves in getting more than one practical use out of something.

Here are 4 more Camping Survival Hacks

Use Frozen Water Bottles Instead of Ice

Store bought ice will melt and your cooler will turn into a bathtub of nasty water with food floating in it. 

Use frozen water bottles to keep your food cold, and you'll have frosty, drinkable water when they melt.

Watermelon Juice Dispenser

Water coolers take up a lot of space, and they are heavy.

Consider using a watermelon after you've eaten the juicy goodness.

You'll save space, it's natural for disposal, and you don't have to lug an empty cooler home.

Plus, it adds a fun flavor.

Super Cold Ice Water

If someone in your camp sprains an ankle or gets an injury that requires a cold pack, you can use this tip to make super cold ice water.

Instead of just using ice in a bowl, add water and salt as well.

This will make your ice over 10 degrees cooler than just a bowl of ice by itself.

It's also great for cooling down beer in 2 minutes or less.

Speedy Charcoal

If your charcoal is taking too long to heat up, consider using an air pump to fan the flames. 

The pump will push and pull oxygen into the flames, allowing the charcoal to heat up much faster.

Here's a video showing you how these easy camping survival hacks work.

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