6 Camping Tips For a Good Night Sleep

A lot of people head into the great outdoors with bright eyes, a bushy tail, and eager to get away from civilization.  What they don't take into account is that they won't be sleeping on their Tempurpedic mattress with a fluffy comforter keeping them warm. Laying down on hard ground for the first time is often a reality check for folks who can't handle roughing it for a few nights.

But that doesn't mean you can't get a good night sleep under the stars.  In fact, we'll show you some tricks on how to do just that.

Here are 6 Camping Tips for Getting a good night sleep

Tent Placement 

You won't be very comfortable when all the occupants and gear slide into one corner of the tent throughout the night. Nor will it feel good in your blood-rushed skull if you sleep with your feet elevated above your head. Pitch your tent on a level surface and arrange your stuff to keep you from sliding around all night. Check your surroundings as well to make sure no brush will be banging against your tent if a breeze picks up.

Get the Right Bedding

Can you sleep on the ground without a sleeping pad? Yes.

Do we advise it? No

A sleeping mat does two things for you. For starters, it will make it so you don't feel every single pebble you may have missed.  Secondly, you lose a lot of heat lying on a cold surface.  Using a sleeping pad will keep you insulated.

Understanding Noise

The noise in nature is a culture shock for those who usually fall asleep with white noise like a TV on in the background, or the constant hum of electronics.  In the outdoors, you're going to experience a whole new set of sounds and for some people, it's too much of a shock from what they're used to - so they end staying awake all night. You might also be sharing a tent with someone who snores. Solution?  Ear plugs. Certain ear plugs have sound options so you can get that white noise from the city, while you're camping.  Kinda defeats the purpose though doesn't it?

Choose The Right Sleeping Bag

Choosing the correct camp bedding is big.  Most sleeping bags have temperature ratings which indicate optimal weather conditions.  If you're camping in July and you brought a Zero G bag, you're going to be boiling hot.  On the other hand, if you're up in the mountains where it can plunge below freezing, a three-season mummy bag might not be warm enough.

Maintain a Clean Sleeping Bag

image source Gizmodo

Washing some sleeping bags can be a struggle, especially in the case of down insulated bags which take a long time to dry, and can even lose some of their insulating abilities. In order to keep your bag’s inner cleaner for longer, sleep in some long johns and a t-shirt (or an equivalent). You’re not supposed to sleep in your bag without clothes on for this very reason – over time sweat will build up. 

I hope this doesn't ruin anyone's romantic plans.

Make Yourself Tired and Stay Up Late

Exercise by going on hikes or take part in other physically demanding activities that deplete your energy.  Then, keep an eye on the time. Don't make the mistake of forcing a new sleeping schedule just because you're camping. Stick to the bed times you're used to and you'll have a much easier time falling asleep.

Did we leave out any Sleeping Tips for the Outdoors? Comment below if we missed one.


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