6 Self Defense Tips With a Tactical Pen

A Tactical Pen or Self Defense Pen is usually a standard ballpoint pen that has been reinforced as a striking tool.

Why a pen?

Unlike mace or batons self defense pens look harmless at first glance so you can take them with you without standing out. More importantly, a way for you to carry a concealed personal protection device at all times.

Here are 6 Self Defense Tactics To Remember With a Tactical Pen

Don’t skimp on the pen 

Plan to spend about $30-$40 on a decent quality pen. The glassbreaker tip (kubotan) should be made out of Tungsten or Titanium. The pointed tip should be able to break any window with optimal force.

Proactive Situation

Hold pen in ICEPICK GRIP in your REAR POWER HAND and CONCEAL IT from your attacker. 

Reactive Situation

Access the pen and attack the closest soft targets – neck, face, genitals. 

Strike or Gouge?

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STRIKE when you have space, GOUGE when you don’t.

source: myselfdefensetraining.com

Self-defense techniques using a tactical pen

Use it like a stick or sword – Just because you don’t have a sword at hand, it doesn’t mean you cannot improvise one.

Strike hard with your tactical pen and try to have a good grip. This strike can cause a lot of pain to your aggressor and make him stop.

However, after you scared him it is best to run so you don’t get involved in a fight that you don’t desire.

This can be a way for you to get out safe of an emergency situation.

Use the pen like a knife – turn it upside down and jab your attacker.

These little tools can easily break someone’s eyes if it reaches the right place. This strike should give you enough time to run away and escape from this dangerous situation.

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