9 Road Trip Tips To Keep You Safe

Now that the weather is warmer and we're loading up our vehicles with camping gear or getting ready for road trips.

More time on the road means the chances of something happening goes up too. That's why today we're "prepping" for a road trip by following these road trip safey tips.

Here are 9 Road Trip Tips To Keep You Safe

Don't do Drowsy Driving

For most men, myself included, getting to your destination ahead of schedule is a bragging right. It's also silly.  If you find yourself getting tired, switch with someone or pull over at a rest stop and get a nap before you continue.

Put Your Phone Away

There is no reason to be using your phone while driving unless you're using it for GPS.  You can set your phone to driving mode to stop text messages and then mount the device on your dash so you can see the map, but can't do any texting. Here are 4 apps that help you with distracted driving.

Don't Tailgate

A lot of times when we're trying to cover ground, we'll start driving closer and closer to the guy in front of us, assuming it will make him go faster.  It won't. Always keep two car lengths between you and the driver in front of you.  If he hits something, you'll have more time to react, and less likely to cause road rage.

Drinking and Driving

After a weekend away from home, you might have been hitting the sauce a little hard. Remember, even if you stopped drinking an hour ago, you could still have a good buzz.  Don't drink and drive.

Wear your seatbelt

This is a no-brainer but you'd be surprised how many people take off their seatbelts on a road trip due to "comfort." They may not be comfortable but they will save your life.  Stay buckled up on road trips.

Watch for Bikes and Motorcycles

Two-wheeled vehicles are much harder to see and can sneak up on you.  Pay attention to the shoulders, and your rear view mirror as well.  A sudden lane change on your part with no blinker could mean death for a biker. 

Speed Limits

Getting to your destination 12 minutes early is not worth it. Get up to the speed limit and let your cruise control do the rest. You'll save yourself a speeding ticket and maybe someone's life.

Assign a Navigator and Entertainment Director

The driver has one job. To drive.  That means navigation, music, finding parking, finding a rest stop, and locating gas stations should be outsourced to your navigator. Getting your kids involved is a good way to keep their mind's occupied and you'll hear those famous words a lot less. Are we there yet?

Keep a First Aid Kit in Your Car

You don't know what kind of a situation you'll come across or who you may need to help. Always keep a first aid kit or roadside emergency kit in your vehicle. You should have something to patch up basic wounds, a light, jumper cables, and fix-a-flat.


Prepare, delegate, don't get distracted and you'll have an awesome road trip this summer.

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  • Todd on

    Good article &watch out for truckers especially up here in the mid-west for some reason.With 1000’s of miles under belt ive been cut off idk how many times as there goin 10 miles under limit!

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