Prepping For a Power Outage

When it comes to Prepping For a Power Outage no one does it better than the folks over at Family Survival Planning who asked the real question.

Could you survive 10 days without electricity? A month? Six months?

Did you watch the movie "American Blackout"? I did! Was it ever an eye-opener! Yes, it's just a movie (though portrayed as "reality" rather than Hollywood-ized), but we are all aware of times when the power has been out for an extended period of time.

Remember Harvey? Irma? Maria? (2017) Katrina? Sandy? The big blackout along the East Coast extending into Canada several years ago? Extreme weather-caused outage in the Midwest (for two weeks!) in 2008.

Without power:

  • Water stops coming out of your faucet and toilets won't have water to flush.
  • Your furnace won't work (even if it's gas).
  • The pumps will stop working at the gas station (better keep that gas tank at least 1/2 full).
  • Traffic lights won't work snarling traffic everywhere (unless it's an EMP, vehicles may not work at all).
  • Your security is compromised. (How are police and medical vehicles supposed to make it through snarled traffic?)
  • ATMs will not work.

Whether the power is out because of a cyber attack, an EMP, or a huge weather event, your way of living will be completely altered. It will be almost totally about survival.

Comfort or chaos - you choose.

  • How much food storage do you have? A pantry full? Six months? A year?
  • How is your water supply? There is nothing more important than water in a blackout - just ask any hurricane survivor.
  • Got plenty of flashlights or other means to light up the dark?
  • If it's winter, do you have a way to keep warm? Or keep cool if it's summer?

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