How To Avoid Situations Like This Brutal Highway Pileup on I-35

Raw video from Iowa DOT cameras on I-35 show how a deadly pileup unfolded during a heavy snow in Ames.

This is a perfect example of what NOT to do in a snow blizzard, with limited visibility, on icy roads.

While these conditions are certainly difficult to drive in, this fatal, multimillion dollar pile up could have been avoided by:

Reducing Speed

Slowing down is the very first thing these people need to do.  Some of these vehicles are doing 50 MPH in zero visibility on top of black ice. 

There is a word for that. Stupid.

Keep Ample Room Between Cars

Riding someone's bumper on slick roads is a quick way to cause a fender bender, or worse, you could lock your breaks and lose it.

If You Can't Stop Move Over

Lastly, if you do find yourself in an icy road pile up, try to get completely off the road. 

The best drivers in the video below are the semi truck and the SUV who drive off into the corn field at 3:46 while everyone else smashed into each other.

Get off the road.

Call 911.

Alert other drivers with flares or traffic triangles.

In the above footage, one driver was killed.

The accident involved over 50 vehicles, and one person was killed, according to Iowa State Patrol Sgt. Nathan Ludwig. Ludwig said about a half dozen people were critically injured in the accident as well.

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