How To Make an Ice Chest Air Conditioner

It's sweltering out there right now and I can't imagine what it would be like to have a power outage in a place like Phoenix. When temperatures hit 117, opening your windows is worse than leaving them closed.  So are you SOL in a situation like this?

Nope. If you've got a solar fan and a styrofoam cooler, we can put those ice cubes in your freezer to good use before they melt. 

How to make an air conditioner with a cooler or ice chest

Tools Needed:

  1. Knife or cutting tool.
  2. Ice chest (styrofoam works best).
  3. Solar fan or a solar power source with a plug in fan.
  4. Ice.

1. Cut your cold air output 

Cut one or two holes for your cold air output.

You'll want to angle your cuts slightly to hold a piece of pvc pipe or paper towel roll in place.

2. Measure and cut fan hole

Using the same method of angling your blade, cut a hole after you measure the circumference of your fan.

You can use a writing tool or your blade to make a trace around the outside of the fan so you get an exact fit.

3. Add Ice

Grab the ice out of your freezer before it melts.

Dump it in your cooler.

Put your lid back on and you've got yourself an air conditioner.

A few things to note

The temperature of a styrofoam beer box AC can get down to 38 F (possibly lower depending on how strong your fan is). Keep in mind that the harder you run your fan, the faster your ice will melt.

You can add pvc pipe to your output hole to get a more concentrated blast of air. If you don't have pvc pipe, you can use toilet paper or paper towel rolls.


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