Which 3 Hurricane Survival Supplies Do People Choose Most?

Shortly before Hurricane Irma struck Florida, we gave our readers a list of 8 different survival supplies and asked them to pick which 3 they would most likely choose if they were about to be stuck in a category 4 hurricane.

Here is the list of hurricane supplies you could choose from.

1. Multitool Knife

A multipurpose knife has the ability to tighten screws if pipes start to leak, shine a small light if the power goes out, and cut small branches with its serrated edge.

2. Tactical LED Flashlight (Waterproof)

A 1,000 lumens flashlight that can take on a hurricane and keep shining is a must if you lose electricity. There is also an SOS mode which can be used to signal for help.

3. EDC Keychain and Pill Bottle

The survival keychain is beneficial because it weighs next to nothing and it lets you keep your essentials in your pocket at all times. Medication and cash will stay dry in this pill carrier.

4. Tactical Rescue Pen

The secondary benefits of this Tactical Pen include an led light and a fire starter. However, this pen will come in handy when you're trying to assist people who may have become stuck in their car or house, and the only way to save them is by breaking the glass.

5. Water Filter Straw

If you're in a situation where you need to drink rainwater after the storm, you can remove 99.9999% of all waterborne bacteria with one of these portable filter straws.

6. Waterproof Drybag

Having a waterproof carrying bag or case for your important documents (deed to house, birth certificate) as well as keeping your phone and laptop dry is a must have. 

7. 105 Piece Compact First Aid Kit

You never know when you're going to need to patch someone up during a storm. This First Aid Kit offers a fire starter and mylar blanket to keep your patients warm when you don't have a heater.

8. Water Resistant Sleeping Bag

Last but not least, a sleeping bag. When you may have to get up and bug out at any time, it's nice knowing you'll be able to sleep in something warm and dry.

Off the top of your head, can you guess which 3 items people chose most?

The answers are as follows:

1. Multipurpose Knife

2. First Aid Kit

3. Water Filter Straw

You can check out the original Facebook post here or comment below:

Which 3 survival supplies would be most important before a hurricane?


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