Hunters Save Wolf From Bear Trap

Hunter's often get a bad rap from arm chair hippies who think that they are out there just killing animals for the fun of it. 

That's actually the opposite.  Most hunters want to protect nature so that they can continue providing food for their families.

In this video, a Grey Wolf was caught in a brutal bear trap and would most certainly have perished if these guys had not found him. 

The easy thing to do here is to put the wolf down, but they took the time to save his life.

First he put a board up to protect himself

This cornered wolf doesn't know they are trying to help him, and a bite from a grey wolf can do serious damage.

Opening the Trap

Now that his barricade is up, the hunter can pry open the trap without getting bit.

It's always good to have and EDC Knife or a Hunting Knife with you because it can be used to cut snares, or as a prying tool.

Thanks guys!

Although he's going to have a sore paw for awhile, he should be alright.

The full video can be seen below. 

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