How To Start a Fire With a Water Bottle

Getting a fire started when you don't have a lighter or fire starter can be a daunting task, but not impossible.  In the method we're showing you today, you won't have to rub two sticks together or bang on a rock until sparks fly.

The only thing you'll need is a water bottle and some paper. Dry pine needles and other dry, flaky tinder will do the trick as well. 

How To Start a Fire With a Water Bottle

1. Peel the label off your water bottle

In order to get the most energy as possible, you'll want to remove any labels or price tags on your bottle. Using clean or clear water is best but you can make it work with cloudy water too.

2. Prepare your paper or Kindling

Your paper will ignite much faster if it has black ink or big black letters on it somewhere. Black attracts the sun better than white paper. If you only have white paper you can rub some dirt on it to change the coloration.

If you don't have paper use bark shavings or dry leaves.

3. Adjusting Distance

Start with your bottle close to the paper and slowly back it away until you get a small concentrated hole on your paper or kindling.

4. Keep adding paper until you see a flame

Once you burn a hole about the size of a quarter through your paper, add another sheet to it.

Make sure you keep some space between the new paper you add so you don't smother it.

Once your sheets of paper starter to smolder you can blow into the folds or just swing the paper around in your hand until you see a flame.


As far as survival hacks go, this one is simple.  You can use the same method with a sandwich bag full of water. Simple doesn't mean easy though, and it might take you a few tries to get it right.

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  • Steven Jays on

    I really like the idea, I’ve seen it done a couple different was now but either way keep up the Great ideas Thank You..

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