How To Start A Fire With A Ferro Rod

There are many ways to start a fire... match, lighter, ferro rod, magnifying glass, water bottle, etc.

Each has its own pros and cons; however, one of the best ways is with a ferro rod.


Because it can get wet, it doesn't run out of fuel, it doesn't require the sun, and it can start a fire no matter the conditions.

Some ferro rods even come with "built-in" tinder like this one...

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Alright, so let's get into the meat of it...

How To Start A Fire With A Ferro Rod

1) Find Really Dry Tinder 

Dry grass or weeds, fine wood shavings, dryer lint, and cotton balls all make great tinder. (or, if you're using our ferro rod, you have some inside the waterproof capsule)

2) Setup A "Tipi" Fire

Find a smooth, flat surface like a rock or dirt.

Place your tinder in the bottom, place kindling on top of it, and then larger sticks on top of that in the shape of a tipi.

3) Scrape The Black Coating Off Your Ferro Rod

If you're using a new ferro rod, you will need to scrape the black coating off the rod with either a knife or striker.

4) Strike It

Hold your striker or blade at a 45 degree angle to your rod. Hold it steady, it should not move.

Move your ferro rod away from the fire in order to produce the sparks.

That's it!

It may take some time to get the tinder to ignite, but before long you should have a nice warm fire!

A Few Things NOT To Do...

Don't Strike The Ferro Rod Far Away From The Fire

You don't want the sparks to randomly rain down over your tipi fire, it will never light this way.

Make sure your striker and ferro rod are nearly touching your tinder.

Don't Strike By Moving Your Knife Or Striker 

Doing this increases the chance you will knock your fire over with your fist.

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