How To Open a Padlock With a Wrench

Padlocks are handy when you want to keep your bike secure, a gate closed, or a door locked. But they can also be used for bad. Someone may be trying to stop you from entering your own property, a troll may put one on your bike as a joke, or you might have just forgotten your keys.

Either way, without a bolt cutter or a hacksaw, you're screwed. Or are you? 

How To Open a Padlock With a Wrench

1. Find Two Bolt Wrenches

First, you need to find two bolt wrenches. A crescent wrench may work as well.

2. Measure the Lock

Make sure your wrench fits. If it's too big the entire wrench won't fit. If it's too small, you might not get the torque needed to break the lock.

3. Apply Pressure

Apply steady pressure to both sides of your wrench until the side of the padlock gives out.

4. Break the Lock

With enough pressure, the lock will break.  However, if the lock is larger, you may need to add a spacer.

5. Add a Spacer

As I said above, heavy duty locks will require an even larger wrench.  But if that still isn't enough, you can slide a spacer in there. A piece of metal or washer may work as long as it's secure when you start to push - Otherwise, you'll have pieces of scrap metal launch out of the lock when the metal shifts.


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