How To Make An Arrowhead From Glass Bottles

Did you know you can carve arrowheads out of glass bottles, much like you'd make an arrowhead from stones?

Glass behaves a lot like obsidian which is what Native Americans used to craft their knives, spears, and arrowheads

How To Make An Arrowhead From Glass

Remove the bottom of a glass bottle

Use a drill bit or something heavy that you can put inside the bottle. 

With a good shake, you should be able to pop the bottom out.

The bottom of a glass bottle is the perfect thickness for arrowhead carving. 

Create Your Arrowhead Carving Tool

The native American's used antlers or bone to chisel their arrowhead but you can hammer a nail into a piece of wood and sharpen the point for an amazing glass or rock chiseling tool (pressure flakers).

Remove Sharp Edges

Now that you've got the bottom flat part of the glass bottle, you'll want to remove the sharp edges around the outside so you can begin to shape the arrowhead.

Sharping the Arrowhead

Continue chipping away at your piece of glass. If there are a lot of sharp edges in the beginning, you can use something dull, like a stone, to file down the edges.

Use the nail tool for more detailed work.

Adding Notches to your Arrowhead

Using your sharp nail tool, start to chip away small fragment on either side of the back end.  Once you have a groove on one side, try to match it on the other.

Clean Up and Sharpen

Once you have two nice notches grooves out, you can put the finishing touches on your arrowhead.

Remember that taking too big of a chunk out, can break the glass, so take your time.

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