How To Make a Portable Water Filter for Survival

I showed you how to make a DIY Water Filter by using a bottle and gravity to filter your water.

Unfortunately, the gravity filter isn't very portable if you're on tough terrain.

So now you need to find a way to filter your water, and that method needs to be portable as well. I'm also assuming that you don't have our Water Filter Straw or Bag and that's just fine, here's how to make an effective Portable Water Filter for Survival.

Supplies Needed:

Water bottle

some type of cloth

Cutting tool or knife

Crushing tool




First cut off the lid

You want to cut the lid off in one smooth motion. Try not to make a sharp and jagged cut.

Add Cloth To Bottle

Your first filter layer is going to be a piece of cloth.  

An old shirt or bandanna can be used as well, this will separate the larger particles.

Then add charcoal

If you have not broken up your charcoal you can do it by wrapping it in cloth and breaking it up with something heavy. 


Adding layers of filtration

Now you need to add your purifying elements starting with the finest and smallest before adding the larger particles.

In this order:

  1. Crushed charcoal.
  2. Playground sand.
  3. Coarse sand. (Paver sand)
  4. Small pebbles and rocks.

Secondary Cloth Filter

Once you've finished adding layers, cut a small piece of cloth that will cover the top of your filter. This is technically the bottom of the bottle.

Add Water

This process may take awhile, and a larger bottle will make this go faster.

However, a larger bottle doesn't have the same portability.

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