How To Make a Live Trap for Survival

When you're SOL in the woods and don't have a way to hunt for food, sometimes you have to make the food come to you.

In this case we're going to use some paracord, sticks, peanut butter, and a heavy rock to catch ourselves some fresh meat.

How to make a survival trap in 7 steps

1. Tie Two Sticks Together With Paracord

First you will want to tie two sticks together with paracord on both ends.

You'll need two pieces so you can tie the top and bottom together.

Once you tie your sticks together, twist them so the paracord makes an X in the middle.

2. Stack a Pyramid of Sticks

Gather sticks and start to place them on top of your X in a pyramid style.  

The tension on your paracord will increase as you begin stacking sticks.

3. Wedge a Flat Rock on Top

Now you'll want something heavy on top of your trap like a rock.

This is to ensure nothing can escape or knock over your trap.

4. Increase Paracord Tension

Once your rock is in place, you can add sticks to increase your tension.

Your paracord needs to be tight in order to spring the trap.

5. Create Your Trigger

In order to create your trigger you will need to cut a stick in half.

Use a notch cut and put your stick back together.

Put your trigger under your trap.

6. Tie Off Loops

Tie off the rear two sides of your trap.

These should be opposite of the side that opens.

7. Bait Your Trap

Now it's time to bait your trap.

Smearing peanut butter on a rock is a great way to attract rodents.

How it works

Animals will be drawn to your trap from the scent.  

Once they go in to investigate, the animal will trip the paracord and the trap will come down on them.


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