How To Make a DIY Urban Survival Toilet

Picture this. The grid's down, the power's off, and the water isn't flowing. At a time like this, you need to be able to adapt. 

Hygiene and sanitation in an urban bug out situation are important because there are a lot more people, and you can't just dig a hole with your survival shovel and get rid of your waste.

You can improvise by making your own toilet.

How To Make a DIY Urban Survival Toilet

Here's what you'll need.

  • 5 Gallon Bucket with handle
  • Trash bags
  • Wood or foam (depending on what you have available)

First find a sturdy 5 gallon bucket or container

Make sure the bucket has a handle.

Check the sides of the bucket for cracks and weakness.

Get a Trash Bag Liner For Sanitary Removal

Tighten the top of your trash bag around the bucket and tie it in a knot.

The thicker the plastic bag is, the better it will work. Double or triple bag if needed.

Make your seat

You can use two pieces of wood, in this case 2x4's for your seat.

This is all you need for a basic urban survival toilet, however, you can use different techniques to make your experience even more comfortable.

When you've finished, use a shovel to cover up the bag with kitty litter or dirt before disposing.

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