How To Make a DIY Tuna Can Backpacking Stove

Bringing a rocket stove and propane canister on your backpacking trip can be cumbersome and it can weigh you down. Fortunately, with a little bit of DIY innovation, you can make your own pocket stove using nothing more than a can of Tuna. You don't have to use a can of tuna either, it can be any small aluminum can.


  • Lighter than carrying a stove.
  • Doesn't take any extra space in your pack.


  • Can't adjust flame.
  • Have to wait for fuel to burn out.
  • Need some type of fuel or alcohol to make it work.

How To Make a DIY Tuna Can Backpacking Stove

 What you'll need:

  • Aluminum can.
  • Fuel or alcohol.
  • Knife or hole punch.
  • Camping mess kit (optional)

1. Empty Your Can and Remove Label

First, you're going to want to finish eating whatever is inside the can, and clean it so there aren't any bits of food left inside. Also, remove the label because this can catch on fire once you light your fuel.

2. Punch Holes In Your Can

With your hole punch or survival knife, make holes near the top of the can. You don't want to punch your holes too low or the fuel you dump in will just leak out.

3. Add Fuel and Light Your Stove

Now you can add a flammable liquid of your choice. A flask of Everclear works just as good as lighter fluid if you're saving space.

As you can see, the flames don't get smothered when you add your camping pot due to the holes you cut in the side.

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