How To Make a DIY Pen Bow

I know what you're thinking. A rubber band and a small stick aren't going to do squat in a survival situation.  For the most part, I agree with you. You won't be able to bring down a deer with this thing to feed your family. However, darts and blow guns have been used by tribal cultures in the Amazon to hunt for monkeys and other small game for generations. So if I had to choose between a pen bow or nothing, I'll take the pen bow and start practicing.

How to Make a DIY Pen Bow

  • Good for small game

  • Must be close range

  • Requires practice

Tools needed

1. Rubber Band

2. Bamboo Skewers or thin sticks

3. Pen

4. Tape

5. Cutting tool or knife

1. Cut Rubber Band in Half and Remove Insides of Pen

First you want to get your pen hollowed out and prepped. 

If you're in a survival situation you can use a piece of bamboo or hallowed piece of wood.

2. Attach Rubber Band to Pen

Take your rubber band and wrap the two ends around the backside of the pen. 

Use your electrical tape to secure it.

3. Add Your Ammo

You can use bamboo skewers, sticks, or certain darts to arm your bow.

4. Draw Your Bow

Grab the back of your skewer and pull the rubber band back.

You can increase tension by adding another rubber band.

While a mini pen bow won't be able to bring down an elk, with practice you'll be able to hunt birds, rabbits, and other small game. 

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