How To Make a DIY Beer Can Lantern

If you're in a survival situation or you lost power and you weren't smart enough to pack a flashlight, you can still make a lantern with some basic supplies.

How To Make a DIY Beer Can Lantern

Supplies Needed:

  • Aluminum Can 
  • Knife or scissors
  • Olive oil or lighter fluid
  • Cloth or paracord

1. Cut Can in Half

It's best to cut the can right down the middle. The bottom part of the can will need to hold the fuel so it needs to be at least an inch deep.

2. Make Your Lid

Now take the top half of your can and make a few long vertical cuts. This will allow your lid to slide back into the bottom part of your can.

3. Make a Hole for the Wick

Now use your knife to put an additional hole in the top of your can. This is where your wick will poke through so don't make it too big.

4. Add Fuel and String Wick

Once you've got your lid hole cut, fill the bottom half up with the lighter fuel of your choice. Let your cloth or paracord soak in the fuel for a few minutes to ensure a steady burn.

Once your wick is soaked, feed it back through the hole you made.

5. Adjust Wick and Put Back Lid

Now you just need to feed enough wick through your hole that you can maintain a nice flame. 

Place the top of your can down, allowing the grooves you cut to slide into the bottom piece.

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