How To Gut and Clean a Fish In 4 Steps

Gutting and cleaning a fish is a lost skill that our ancestors all knew how to do.  And it's actually pretty simple. Today we'll show you.

How to gut and clean a fish in 4 simple steps

Step 1 - Make a cut just below the bottom jaw

First you'll want to use your fishing knife to make a small cut under the bottom jaw of your fish.

You'll need to make this cut big enough for your finger to fit through.

Step 2 - Cut the fish open

Now you're going to make a cut starting at the anus and ending at the jaw.

Make sure you're cutting deep enough to the spine but don't go deeper or you could cut all the way through.

Step 3 - Pull out the guts

After you've cut the mouth and belly open, slide your finger into the hole you cut under the mouth.

Then in one smooth motion, pull down and you should be able to pull out the spine and guts in try.

Step 4 - Clean the fish

Once you pull out the guts you will see a long black streak where the spine once was.

Use your thumb to push that out.  

Now just use water to clean up any mess and you've got yourself a fish.

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