How To Get 15% OFF Survival Deals

Now that the holiday rush is starting I wanted to show you how Survival Hax will be giving out discounts this year.

Getting 15% OFF your Survival Gear is a simple 3 step process.

  • Find the product you want to buy.
  • Share it on Social Media.
  • Apply the coupon code you're given.

1. Select your gear

First you need to find the gear you're going to add to your shopping cart.

2. Share it on Social Media

Choose the platform you want to share on, and click the share button.

Once you share, you'll be given a coupon code for 15% OFF.

3. Apply Coupon Code

Now that you have your coupon code, click the add to cart button and the click on check out.

Check out all survival deals here.

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  • Survivor Rick on

    Boog E Mann if you have an 8.000 ft survival bunker I’d love to see it. Do you have any pictures posted that we could share?

  • Boog E Mann on

    I hate it that I have at least 2 of everything you said we needed. Bought most of it from you. Great stuff. Being wealthy, I enjoy spending money. Come up to our 8,000 sq foot survival bunker one day. We’ll go out and kill some mest.

  • Rick on

    Hey Richard, you can use the filter many times. They can filter up to 400 gallons of water.

    Good idea on the tent color!

  • richard eledge on

    the water filter can be used 1 time, how do we know they are good

  • richard eledge on

    very shortly ,we will need them.

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