How to Find Secret Bug Out Locations Using Google Earth

If you're ever in a "must bug out" situation where you have to get out of the city, then it would be wise if you knew what kind of shape your local forests were in.  In this video Canadian Prepper shows us a tip with Google Earth.

He uses a trick where he checks for areas that have been logged and replanted since these areas no longer require maintenance, the chances of seeing another human are slim.

You don't have to find a location that has been logged. What you want is something that the general public will have a hard time finding, but also has all of the resources you need to survive.

Here are 3 ways to find a bug out location with Google Earth

1. Look for areas that have been logged

If you find a wood mill in your area, there is a good chance there will be some logging going on nearby. These logged areas have roads that were made specifically for deforestation so they won't be on many maps.

2. Find secluded freshwater

Zoom in and out within your area to see if there any water holes off the beaten path. If it's a public lake with easy in and out access, chances are there will already be people there staking out their claim. Fresh clean water is important to have nearby, and the fewer people who know about it, the better.

3. How often are the roads used?

Image source Powell River Books

Checking road quality will give you an idea if a road is still in use, and if it is, how much traffic it gets.  Old logging roads will no longer be maintained and therefore you'll have a better chance of being secluded. On the flip side, you will need a 4x4 vehicle or the physical ability to get in and out of your bug out location. With some research, you can also see if those roads are still being maintained.  When trees are replaced, they may send a crew back once a year until everything seems to be growing back normally. If that's the case, the road and area will become abandoned. 

When that finally happens, the road and area will once again be reclaimed by nature. 

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