How To Defend Yourself From a Knife Attack

According to statista there were 1,604 murders by knife in 2016 and thousands more that ended in injury.

You don't know who has one...

Knives and blades are so easy to hide that even if you are concealed carrying, you probably won't have the time to pull out your gun and defend yourself.

There are some tricks you can do with your body that will prevent your attacker from doing any severe damage.

Knife Attack Defense

Outside Block

The outside block is when you step using the foot that matches up with the attacker's knife hand. 

So if an attacker comes at me with a knife in his right hand, I will use my left leg to step outside and then swat away his attacking arm. 

If it's a low attack, push his forearm away. If the attack is high, aim for the tricep.

Inside Block

You may not have the time or angle to move to the outside arm.  

If this is the case, you will sidestep to the inside and then either block or grab the arm to do your own damage.

Doing Damage After The Block

If you just block the attack, there is a good chance that the scumbag will come at you again. You need to do as much damage as possible after the block.

On an outside block, secure the arm and then punch and scratch at your attacker's face. You can also pull them straight back at this point and they will fall down.

On an inside block, secure the arm with your leg after you come down. Then target the face.

The main takeaway from FightTips was that you should always be trying to actively attack the knife holder. Going into a defense curled up position just makes you an easy target.

The one thing you should never do is become a stationary, curled up, target.


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