How To Defend Yourself From a Dog Attack

A guard dog can be amazing for security, but terrifying if they get loose and go after someone who isn't an actual criminal. Fortunately, vicious dogs do not like certain things, and you can defend yourself from a dog attack without taking major damage.

In the below video, this man shows you how to keep your cool and followed a few basic steps.

Keep distance

The man's first strike was a hand attack and it failed. If you miss a punch, your jugular is within striking distance of the dog.

Use your feet to kick at the snout and nose. Don't wind up to heavily because losing your balance could be deadly at this point.

Be Dominant

Dogs descended from wolves and wolves follow a hierarchy. Show that dog where you belong on that hierarchy, and he will respect you. See how the dog stayed away after the aggression?

Retreat Defensively 

Once the dog is no longer actively coming after you, make a safe and steady backward retreat. Dogs are always braver when they are staring at heels.

If you're someone who carries an EDC Kit consider adding mace or a light to your setup if you're in a situation where a dog may come after you.

video credit: active self-protection


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