How To Add Traction To Your Tires On Icy Roads

Anyone who lives in snow country will tell you that even with the best snow tires, they won't do much on black ice.

A solution that many people go to are snow chains.  Chains wrap completely around the tire and rim, and can increase traction significantly.

Unfortunately they can also be a hassle to put on and take off.  Not too mention the damage they can cause to a wheel well. 

The solution?  Tie downs or Traction straps.

We will show you with a store bought version that is specifically designed to wrap around a tire. However, regular tie downs can be used to create DIY traction ties in a pinch.

Wrap The Traction Tie Around Your Tire

You can add multiple traction ties to each tire to increase efficiency.

Make sure the buckle is on the side of the tire

When you tighten the strap, make sure you keep the buckle on the side of the tire. Leaving the buckle on the center of the tire could damage your tire.


As you an see, the straps dig right into the ice and add quite a bit of traction.

You can buy traction straps on Amazon but in a pinch, heavy duty tie downs can work too.


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