6 Home Hurricane Tips For An Early Bug Out

In any natural disaster or SHTF situation, you're going to need to ask yourself two things. 

Do I bug out or hunker down? 

Now that the folks living in Florida have witnessed what 'category 5 Irma' is capable of, many are choosing to bug out before the storm reaches the main land.

If you're going to leave, it's always best to do it before everyone else, to avoid panicked drivers and clogged roads.

6 Home Tips For An Early Bug Out

 1. Turn off everything

Make sure every light switch and power source is turned off. There is a very good chance the power grid will go down, and when it comes back up you don't want anything to short circuit. Unplug TVs, lights, and alarm clocks as well.

2. Remove and cook perishables before you leave

Even if you're only gone for a few days, if the power goes out, you'll lose everything in your refrigerator.

Cook up all the food you can and invite some friends over to help you eat.

Then pack your leftovers in Tupperware and store them in a cooler until you reach your destination.

Or pack your perishables directly into your cooler right from the start.  If you choose this option, be sure to get some dry ice first.

3. Get anything valuable above ground level

If you live in a two story house, take your valuables to the top floor. If you live on the ground floor, try to elevate your TV, computers, or anything that may become useless after water damage.

4. Let trustworthy neighbors and family know

If you're bugging out before the masses, make sure you let your trustworthy neighbors know.  Many scumbags will use this as an opportunity to loot homes. 

5. Secure doors and windows

If you don't have hurricane shudders you still have some options to keep your home secure, including a DIY option. Not just from the storm, but from looters as well.

There are window bars, window alarms, and plexiglass that work great. But boarding up windows and putting dressers in front of them the old fashioned way will work too. The harder it is for someone to get in, the more likely it is that they'll give up and move on. 

6. Shut off water and drain your pipes

It's a good habit to use your water shut off valve before leaving your home for an extended period of time, and it's even more important to do so before a storm.

Once you've shut off your water valve, turn on a faucet so that the rest of the water is completely drained from your pipes. This will protect you from any damage that may have been caused by a busted pipe.

7. Bring Important Paperwork

Before you leave, make sure you have copies and the original documents showing proof of ownership.  The last thing you want is someone camping out on your couch because you can't prove to the authorities that you own the place. 

Grab Birth certificates, drivers licenses, deed to house or rental agreement. Make sure you get enough of cash too. If the systems go down, many stores will not be able to accept your credit card.


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