3 Common Sense Home Defense Tips

This is surveillance footage of 3 men using a woman as a decoy in order to pull off a home invasion. Using a woman to knock on doors is how these pieces of garbage use your compassion and empathy against you.

Unfortunately, you can't be too trusting in today's world.

Watch how close the second thug comes to ripping the door open. It's almost sickening.

Here are 3 Common Sense Home Defense Tips

Leave Your Screen Door Or Security Door Closed

When someone comes knocking on your door at 9 P.M. at night, it isn't rude to leave the screen door shut and locked when you're talking to them. This adds a layer of protection if it turns out to be a home invasion.

Consider reinforcing your main door as well with a barricade or door jammer.

Call 911

Immediately call the police. Give them your address and explain it's a home invasion. If you are armed, inform the police.

Arm Yourself and/or Hide

If you have not yet armed yourself, do so now. 

If you have a hidden room or safe room, go inside and wait for the police to arrive.

Some people choose to blast away at home invaders and I respect them for their bravery, however, when you are outmanned and outgunned, safe is better than sorry.

A safe room can also save you during tornado or hurricane season. They are often one of the last things standing after a disaster, and some companies even specialize in creating custom safe rooms.

Watch the full video below from the Active Protection YouTube channel.

Looking for Home Invasion and Defense Resources?

Door jams and blocks

Pepper Spray and Mace

Fire Arms

Tactical Self Defense Pen (close combat)

Security Cameras

Decoy Cameras (makes thieves think twice)

Alarm Systems

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