Here's Why You Should Carry Bear Spray In Cougar Country

If you're running or biking in Mountain Lion country, do yourself a favor and get some bear spray or pepper spray.

This man saw two cougars in the distance and was at first ecstatic, but that joy quickly turned to fear.

Going for a run in cougar country?

You see, when you're jogging or riding a bike around big cats, you become part of their menu.

Lions are used to chasing down and killing their prey. It's instinct, just like a house cat still knows to run down and kill mice.

Can a Mountain Lion Kill a Human?

There are people on survival forums who claim you can fight off a cougar, but I'm not one of them.

Mountain Lions use their teeth to kill animals much larger and durable than humans. Human flesh is also much easier to chew through than elk hide.

That being said, you should always carry bear spray or pepper spray with you in cougar country.

A man out for an evening jog found himself face to face with two cougars on a remote trail near Grande Prairie.

Thankfully this runner was aware of his surroundings and acted quickly. This could have ended very differently if he had been wearing headphones.

Last May, a cougar killed two full grown men on mountain bikes.

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