6 Flammable Survival Foods for SHTF Situations

When I'm buying food to go camping I don't look to see how flammable it is before I put it in my cart.

That being said, it's good to know which one of your snacks can double as a fire starter or kindling in a survival situation.

Here are 6 Flammable Survival Foods for SHTF Situations


Doritos are delicious.

They're also baked in oil and covered in fine flavor dust, which makes them both tasty and flammable.

Pasta Noodles

Dry pasta noodles work like long lasting matches.  

Hollow Out an Orange

You'll need to add vegetable oil if you want it to burn long.

Butter Candle

Using a paper towel and a stick of butter you can make a candle. The paper towel should be twisted and stuffed into the center of the butter.

Anchovy Tin Lantern

Anchovies sit in oil.

If you punch a hole in the top of the lid, you can use a paper towel wick to absorb the oil and have a long-lasting flame. 

Here is the full video by Sensible Prepper so you can see which foods are the most flammable. 

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