Five Quick and Easy Survival Uses for Duct Tape

Here are 5 quick and easy survival uses for duck tape from North Survival!

#1 Duct Tape Container

Find a cylindrical object, like a log. Wrap duct tape around it sticky side out and then again with sticky sides facing each other. Add a handle, and use to collect food or water. 

#2 Fireball

Collect pine or spruce resin. Lay out three pieces of duck tape. Add resin and form into a ball. Light the top of the ball to create a easy grab and go fire starter for wet and windy conditions. 

#3 Rope

Attach one end of the duct tape roll to something solid. Unroll to twice the length of desired piece of rope. Hold tension and twist. 

#4 Snare

For the snare you will need a strong sapling at least an inch in diameter. Two sticks with notches carved in them to set the snare, and duct tape. Drive one stick into the ground. Attach the other to your sapling with a snare loop. Set and prepare to catch small game. 

#5 Tinder

Duct tape can be ignited by the spark of a fire steel. Simply tear into thin strips, roll into a birds nest, and strike until the spark catches. 

And there you have it! Five quick and easy survival uses for duct tape! Watch the full video here, by North Survival. 

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    Love the Kool survival things will have to save up for them , unless I can win them

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