9 Reasons Why You Need an Emergency Roadside Kit

How prepared are you when you get behind the wheel of your vehicle? Automotive preparedness is often overlooked which is weird because most people have a bug out bag or get home bag but don't take a minute to think about why they would need that.

What's one common reason that would leave the average person stranded?

You guessed it. Their car broke down.

That's why keeping some type of vehicle emergency kit with you is so important.

Here are 9 reasons why you should have a Roadside Emergency Kit in your vehicle

You Can Jump Start a Dead Battery

The number one reason why cars don't start is due to a dead battery. The crazy part is that it is estimated that 90% of drivers on the road do not know how to use jumper cables. Having and knowing how to jump a battery puts you ahead of 9 out of 10 drivers on the road.

Change a Tire in Cold Temperatures

Have you ever tried changing a tire in below freezing temperatures? Your hands will not like you. Add a pair of gripper gloves to your emergency kit and you'll be able to hold on to those tires even if it's unreasonably cold. If you're putting on chains, they won't stick to your skin either.

Toe a Stuck Car

Next time there is a blizzard, count how many people ended up in the ditch. The number is usually pretty high. 

Having a toe rope in your bag will help you and other drivers get back out on the road. And who knows, you might just save a damsel in distress.

Perform Basic First Aid At The Scene of An Accident

If you come across an accident you can clean a wound, bandage it, and keep pressure are bad injuries.

Start A Fire To Keep People Warm

Carrying a lighter, matches, or fire starter in your kit is always a good idea. If you're in a spot where help can't get to you, building a fire could be a game changer.

Tighten Fan Belts or Leaking Hoses

A good multitool has everything you need to tighten a leaky hose or squeaky fan belt.

Wrench To Change Your Oil

Draining your oil on the go is something you can't do with the above multitool.  

A crescent wrench on the other hand will get the job done.

Break a Window If Doors Are Jammed

If you don't have a Tactical Pen as part of your EDC, your roadside kit will have a tool specifically used to break windows. If a door is smashed, breaking a window might be the only way to get to a person stuck inside.

Cut Away a Seat Belt

In a rollover accident, or in a situation when a seat belt can't be released, you can use the same tool to cut the belt away. 

Direct Traffic After an Accident

Breaking down on a blind turn or high speed road can lead to a further disaster if incoming traffic doesn't know there's an accident up ahead.  

Make sure you get a road bag that has triangles or reflectors to warn traffic.

You can build your own road kit or get one that has already been bundled together. Even then, you may want to modify the kit to best suit your vehicle's needs.

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