What EDC Gear Do You Rely On Most?

If you ask someone who works with their hands to empty their pockets, chances are you're going to get a pretty good feel for what kind of work they do.

You should build your everyday gear essentials around your profession and your environment so that you can maximize its usefulness. 

Four common trends amongst EDC kit Importance is:

Cutting (knives and blades)

lighting (headlamps / flashlights)

Self Defense (Tactical Pens, pepper spray, knives).

Tools (Multitools, Carabiners, Screwdrivers)

Cutting Tools and EDC Knives

If you're carrying your knife in your pocket, your best bet is to go with an EDC knife with SpeedSafe so that you can open the blade with one hand.

If you're an outdoorsman, a tactical fixed blade, or boot knife might be more your style.

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Light (Headlamps or Flashlights)

Flashlights, or tools that have lights built into them are the second most popular items that you'll find in someone's EDC kit.

A flashlight or headlamp is not just something you need if you're working the night shift or walking in the woods. 

Many people who work on wood or engines have trouble seeing in those dark places, so a quickly accessible light source is a huge help.

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Self Defense Gear

In many everyday situations, you may encounter people who are having a bad day or animals who feel you're getting too close.

If your job is putting you in situations where you may need to defend yourself, then taking some time to adjust your EDC here is important.

I just learned that our tactical pens are being used a lot by bouncers who are checking ID's all night. 

The bulb is bright enough to shine through the plastic, the pen can write down phone numbers, and the kubotan is a savage weapon in case a bar fight escalates.

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Tools and Multitools

If you find yourself needing a screwdriver and not having one more than once, it might be time to add a multitool to your setup.

You can find affordable multitools online for under $20 

or you can splurge and get one for over $100.

Either way, start making a note of what you need and use the most throughout the day, then build EDC kit around that.

The key to everyday carry gear is to make your life and your job easier, it doesn't have to be flashy.


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