5 Items You Should Add To Your EDC Gear

EDC Kits come in all shapes and sizes.  EDC or everyday carry is a set of tools you have with you at all times. Your EDC Gear is usually going to reflect your profession, gender, age, and whether or not you live in a concealed carry state.

 Categories that often overlap are:

  • Lighting or flashlights 
  • Self defense tools and pepper spray
  • Blades and knives

Today we'll look at these categories and tell you which items you need in your carry-kit.

EDC Knives

Every kit needs a blade, most of the time people choose a folding knife or an assisted open knife.  They take up less space than a fixed blade and can handle themselves nicely. The 3 in 1 LED Folding Knife is a good choice for someone who works with equipment and has a light for night use. This knife has 4 double sided bit drivers with a partially serrated edge for cutting up kindling or smaller branches. 

The 5.11 Tactical DTP is a good choice for someone who needs a smaller blade and doesn't require a serrated edge.  The 2.85 inch AUS8 steel spear point blade is perfect for opening boxes, cutting rope, or self defense.

Self Defense Tools

If you need more than a pocket knife for personal protection a Tactical Pen is a good choice for close quarters combat.  Most defensive pens have a kubotan or glass breaker as a tip, and can deliver a nasty blow.

If you prefer something with a ranged attack ability, pepper spray or a stun gun might be more up your alley. Pepper spray comes in a lot of variations and you're bound to find one that fits your kit.

Multi-Purpose Key Chains


If you're an EDC enthusiast, there is a good chance your key chain does more than hold keys.  A lot of people choose to get carabiners or S-binders as they are more durable than a regular key ring and can be used to lug around gear. Someone who works in I.T. might need a The Nomad which has a fast charge cable built into recharge batteries.

As far as keychains go, there's a huge range to fit your lifestyle. If you work in I.T. you might want the Nomad Light  The 10 in 1 EDC Keychain pictured keychain was designed as a waterproof pill holder (so people could take their medication on a fishing trip and not worry about getting their meds wet). We then added fishing line, some hooks, a fire starter, and a saw to make it even more badass. 

Wallet or Money Clip


Using a money clip like the Gerber GDC is a good way to save room in your back pocket while adding the assistance of a 1.75-inch blade to your arsenal. However, if you deal with a lot of cash and credit cards, you may opt for the traditional wallet.  Solution? The Tactical Credit Card tool.  This card is about as thick as 4 regular credit cards, so you'll need a beefy wallet to hold it. Like keychains, money clips can cover all three of the categories.

Tactical Flashlights

A mini EDC Flashlight like the Fenix PD25 is only 3.7 inches in length but can light up the sky with 400 lumens of brightness.  If you can afford more room in your everyday carry, try splurging with the 1,000 Lumen Tactical Flashlight.  While the light is 5.3 inches instead  3.7, it does have a rechargeable battery and charger.

What's your favorite tool in your EDC kit? 


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