5 Deadly DIY Survival Weapons For Surviving The Apocalypse

Whether you're stuck in the zombie apocalypse and you need to make weapons to kill the undead, or you're out in the wild and you need to make tools for hunting, it's always good to know how to make a few DIY weapons.

5 DIY Survival Weapons

1. DIY Flamethrower

There are a few ways to make a flamethrower. The basic version includes a lighter and a can of WD-40. The one we're looking at today is a heavy duty version with a much larger range and power. For pictures of each step check out the article by Survival Life.

  • Start with an air compressor. You’ll want to remove the regulator and fill in the space left behind with a brass plug.
  • Tap a hole in the bottom of the compressor to add fittings.
  • Your fittings should look like this with the correct valves.
  • Run a host from the valve and fit the end with an internal check valve.
  • Connect the internal check valve to a diesel nozzle.
  • Remove the spout and add a pipe running down to a tip and hose as pictured. The tip and hose will run the fuel for your flame.
  • Run a hose with a nozzle to a fuel tank tapped with a valve and fitting like this. Fill up your tank with tiki torch fuel! Add valve along the hose to better regulate your fuel.
  • Spark up and start throwing flames! You can adjust with the nozzles on the hose. The whole rigging will fit neatly into a backpack.

 Full video here.

2. DIY Survival Slingshot

Most people don't think you can actually hunt and kill big game with a slingshot. Using this method, you can. Check out the step by step pictures at Survival Sherpa.

  • Secure a Whisker Biscuit between the arms of your sling shot with wire ties.
  • You can fold the arrow rest down to shoot ball bearings or pebbles.
  • Attach a piece of nylon bank line to the arrow.
  • This line is attached to the line spool on the PVC pipe on the wrist rocket. 
  • Mount the pipe on a piece of aluminum plate screwed into the base of the wrist rocket. 

The cons with this weapon is that you'll have to find a way to carry around the full-length arrows.

3. DIY PVC Bow

The following bow uses PVC pipe, fiberglass rods, and paracord to make a bow that has a 45 lbs draw. You can make the bow stronger by using a thicker pipe and adding more rods inside.

  • Use a rattail file to cut a notch into the PVC an inch from the end.
  • Cut your second notch on the other side of the pipe.
  • Cut fiberglass highway marker in half and mark each side in the middle.
  • Do this with all of your markers and secure them in the middle with duct tape.
  • Slide the markers inside the pipe.
  • Use a piece of paracord and make loops on each end.
  • Use your body to bend the bow so you can string your paracord.

Check out the step by step video by ZNA Productions.

4. DIY Rebar Tomahawk

The Rebar Tomahawk is a powerful melee weapon which can also be used as a wood cutting ax if needed. 

  • Heat up one side of the metal.
  • Hammer one end of it at an angle until it's flat.
  • Then hammer it until the top has a 90-degree bend.
  • Cool it in water.
  • Use a file to sharpen the edge.
  • Wrap your handle in a piece of leather and secure it with string or paracord.

Full video tutorial by Angelo P. Weapons.

5. DIY Spiked Pit Boobie Trap

It's important to note that you shouldn't try this at home unless you're actually in a survival situation. Spiked traps can be deadly if you forget to disassemble them and you will go to jail if you injure someone.

Trying to secure your camp or house when you can no longer rely on alarms is difficult to do. One way to keep intruders out is by boobie trapping your choke points with pits. These are also called Punji Traps which were used heavily by the Vietnamese in the war. Only instead of using sticks, they used bamboo.

  • Dig a large hole at least 6 feet deep.
  • Use a knife to widdle sharp sticks as spikes.
  • Embed the sticks in the dirt pit every 12 inches. 
  • Cover the hole with thin sticks.
  • Put leafy branches over the sticks.
  • On top of that add leaves and grasses to make it look natural.

Full article at Doomsday News.

When it comes to the pit and the flamethrower please do not try to do it yourself before consulting a professional first, or 'you know what' is actually hitting the fan.

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