DIY Survival Kit in a Coffee Can

Building your own survival kit is smart to do because you can customize it to your needs and region. For this particular DIY survival kit, we're going to use a coffee can.  Why a coffee can? Because they aren't in short supply and make an excellent storage container for a survival kit.

How to Make a DIY Survival Kit in a Coffee Can

1. Coffee Can

A coffee can is a perfect container for a survival kit.  It can be used as a survival stove as well.

2. Wire

All purpose wire or even a wire saw is a good edition for cutting wood or cobbling together gear.

3. Duct Tape

Duct Tape will save your butt when it comes to gear repair. There are an infinite number of things you can do with DT - from making fire starters to making rope.

4. Signaling Mirror

Flag down a rescue team from far away with a signaling mirror. You'll be able to see how good looking you are every day, even if it is the end of the world.

5. Compass

Having a compass on hand to navigate is important. Your compass doesn't have to be fancy but make sure you get one that is durable.

6. Folding Knife

A solid folding knife is a must have. A blade can help with gutting animals while a serrated edge can chop up small branches.

7. Water Purifier Tablets

If you don't have a water filter, water purifying tablets a good #2 choice. These should be used for emergencies only, as there are chemicals in them that wouldn't be good for long term use.

8. Flashlight or Headlamp

A tactical flashlight or headlamp is something you will need if you're out in the wild. Consider extra batteries if your light uses a lot of juice.

9. Fire Starter

A waterproof fire starter steel is more valuable than a lighter. You can get thousand of uses from one rod, and it won't stop working when it's wet. A lot of gear has fire starters as add-ons. The survival bracelet, first aid kit, and portable water filter all come with fire starters.

10. Candle

A candle is good for heating up your hands and limbs. It's also a good source of light. The downside is that candles take a lot of space.

11. Emergency Whistle

A loud whistle is good to signal for help. Search and rescue can assist you if you've wandered off the beaten path.

12. Tampon

Tampons are great for fire starting, and they come in a waterproof case. They are also good for first aid.

13. Chute Twine

Another great flammable fire starter is chute twine. It's extremely light and won't take up much space in your kit.

14. Fishing Kit

Your fishing kit should consist of hooks, lines, weights, and floaters. If you're the proud owner of a paracord grenade, it's essentially the same thing.

15. Paracord and Bow String

You can do everything with paracord from patching gear to building shelters. Bow string is good to have for when it's time to make a ranged weapon.

16. Energy Snack

Find something high in sugar with a far off expiration date. If you don't have food, it can provide you that boost of energy needed to get the job done.

17. First Aid Supplies

You won't be able to fit an entire first aid kit into your survival can, but you can take out the contents and stuff band-aids, bandages, and wound cream inside and it won't take much space.

Which items would you add to your survival kit in a can? 

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  • Gregory Altorfer on

    Thank you very much. That was good practical advice. Good presentation!

  • David Moffatt on

    Instead of a basic candle, how about several “tea lights”? They are compact, burn a reasonably long time, and come in a container that holds all the wax for maximum life and might have other uses when the candle is gone. You should be able to buy a dozen or so from a dollar store.

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