Turn Your Kitchen Water Purifier Into an Outdoor Gravity Filter

Many kitchens have water filters directly built into them, or they're attached to the refrigerator and ice maker.

In a "bug out" or survival situation, these kitchen water filters can be modified and converted into portable gravity water filters.

You'll need an empty 2-liter bottle, an adhesive, and a cutting tool or knife.

DIY Gravity Water Filter Using a Kitchen Purifier

First Cut The Cap Off

You will need the cap later when you attach it to the side of the bottle.

Remove Top Of Bottle

Now use your knife to cut the top part of the bottle off.  You're going to use this as your funnel.

Attach The Filter

You may want to measure the width of the filter before you cut the top off so that it's a snug fit.

Use your adhesive or glue gun to attach the filter to the bottle.

Cut Hole On Bottom Of Bottle

Cut a small hole in the bottle side of your bottle.

Take the cap that you cut off earlier and glue it to the hole. 

This is your new water spout.

It will allow dirty water to travel through the top and then end up as clean water that you can drink when you remove the cap.

Pour Dirty Water Into Filter

Once your glue has dried, you can begin to test your filter. 

Slide it in and make sure everything fits properly.

Also, check to see that contaminated water can get in through any cracks.

Once you've tested your filter for cracks, you can start using it.

Or you could save yourself some time and pick up a water filter straw, but we're assuming this is a survival situation where you can't just order survival gear on Amazon.

Check out the full video by Mr. Gear, which shows an additional 10 survival hacks.

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