How To Charge Your Phone With a 9 Volt Battery

When the power is out, you get to see in real time just how precious battery life is.

When you don't know when your power will be restored, you need back up options like generators or power banks to charge your devices, and those are pricey.

The good news is, you can make a DIY Portable phone charger using the following items you should have laying around the house.

How To Charge Your Phone With a 9 Volt Battery

Items Needed

  • Duct tape (any type of tape or adhesive works)
  • Charging Cable.
  • 9 Volt Batteries.
  • Car charger (plugs into cigarette lighter)
  • Your phone.
  • A spring (Can be taken from the inside of any ink pen).

Connect The Car Charger To The Spring

In the first step, get your spring and your car charger and tape them to each other so the negative end of the charger and spring are touching.

Make sure the top of the spring is parallel to the positive end of the charger.

Connect Charger To Phone

Once you have secured the spring to the negative end of the car charger, plug the charger into your phone.

Charging The Phone

Now attach your 9-volt battery.

The negative tip of the battery should be touching the spring.

The positive tip of the battery should touch the positive side of the charger.

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Note: You will need to hold the battery against the charger to charge it, but you can also secure the battery with tape for hands-free charging.

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