Five Things You Never Thought To Do With Crayons

Crayons or wax pastels can be used for much more then coloring. In fact, some of these ideas are down right genius. Here are five survival uses for crayons, take a look!

#1 Back Up Light Source

Crayons with the wrapper attached can burn from 15-30 minutes, giving you a back up light source. You can also bundle several together to make a flare that will last much longer.

#2 Writing Utensil


If you've used up your field notes and pencil lead, don't fear you can write on wood or rock with crayons!

#3 Bow 


No bees or other wax around? Melt a crayon and wax your bow strings. 

#4 Wood Handles

Melt a crayon and rub onto splintery wood handles. 

#5 Rusted Metal

Repair small holes in rusted metal with the melted crayon wax.


However you decide to use it, get creative after all they are crayons!

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