5 Camping Tips When You Forget Your Gear

When you go camping in the woods (none of this RV nonsense) you quickly learn that situations arise that you may not have planned for. You might also quickly learn that you can't just run out to the garage to grab something like a wrench or a pump.  Once you reach your destination, you need to make due with what you've got.

Here are 5 Camping Tips When You Forget Your Gear

1. Forgot Air Pump?

Blowing up an air mattress (not the self-inflating kind) requires a lot of air. Using your mouth will take a lot of time and you might just give up on having an air bed before you pass out after the first attempt. 

Solution: Use a plastic bag to collect air and hold it over the nozzle. A vacuum is created which will fill up the mattress.

2. Tripping Over Your Tent?

Tripping over tent lines can be a real hazard, especially at night. Cut up an old Styrophome noodle and place it over the rope. You'll be able to see the noodle more clearly, and even if you don't, your leg will bump up against the padding and you'll know when to step.

3. Forgot Your Camping Pan?

If you forget your camping cookware don't flip out just yet. You can take a few layers of aluminum foil and shape a pan out of it. The foil can be placed directly on the embers of your fire. 

4. Stuck on Firewood Duty?

Finding enough wood to keep your fire going can be a chore in itself. Reduce the number of trips you need to make by creating a firewood carrier. You'll need two pieces of paracord to tie the sticks at each end.

5. No Small Storage Containers?

Bringing toiletries, medication, and hygienic products can take up a lot of space. Consider cutting up sections of a zip lock bag using a hot knife to turn one bag into many. If you're going to be taking your medication boating or fishing, it's important that you have it sealed in a waterproof container or bag.

There are a couple more survival hacks in the full video below.


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  • Kyle Grey on

    Besides the information, what makes this list so useful is that there is almost always a time where you forget your gear. love the content!

  • Dawn on

    Good tips!

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