9 Survival Hacks (Camping Tips Edition)

When it comes to camping, people make a lot of silly mistakes.  For starters, you're going camping - you DON'T NEED to pack your entire kitchen sink.

The good folks over at Brightside.me have come up with an awesome set of camping tips that will save space and might just save your butt when it comes to wilderness camping.

Here are 9 Survival Hacks (Camping Tips Edition)

Prepare Pancake Batter ahead of time

Put some premade batter into plastic bags and tie them off.  Now the only thing you need to do is squeeze out some pancake mix into your camping pan and you'll have breakfast ready in no time.

Use a Lint Roller To Catch Mites

Use a lint roller on your outdoor gear to catch mites before they spread. Ticks can be even more dangerous than snakes, so make sure you check your pants before getting back in your tent.

Portable Egg Carrier

Bringing a dozen eggs to the outdoors in one of those cardboard cartons is a fast way to guarantee a bunch of broken yokes.  Instead, try cracking open the eggs you want to take, and put them in a jar.  No need to worry about breaking them and they will stay fresh.

Save Room With Toothpaste Dots

A full tube of toothpaste is overkill for a few nights in the woods.  It's better to squeeze out a bunch of "dots" onto some aluminum foil.  Once the dots have hardened transfer them to a small plastic bag.

Use Paraffin Wax or Waterproof Sprays on Boots

Camping in the rain?  Smear some wax on your boots to make them waterproof. Waterproof sprays work great on boots and shoes as well.  

Waterproof Fire Starter

If your camp is wet it's gonna be tough to get a roaring fire going without good kindling. If you have cotton balls and vaseline this won't be a problem. Just dunk the cotton balls in the jelly and store them in a plastic bag or container. The result is a very flammable fire starter.

Keep Your Kids Busy

Get your kids involved right away.  If they're too young to help set up the camp, get them started on a camping scavenger hunt.  You can also give them small tasks that will contribute to the camp site like:

  • Collect sticks that are thinner than your thumb
  • Find two handfuls of dry leaves
  • Clear an area around the fire pit
  • Unpack and fold your camping and hiking gear

Don't Swallow Bugs

Taking a swig of your Pepsi only to realize you're gulping down a bug is enough to make anyone cringe.  Not only that, it can be dangerous.  Swallow a bee or a wasp and you just ended your trip as fast as it started.  Use cupcake liners, or tin foil with a small hole to protect your drinks from insects.

Keep Your Toilet Paper Dry

I want you to try to picture yourself trying to clean up with wet toilet paper.  Not very appealing is it?  Try using an empty coffee container to store your TP.  If it rains you won't be SOL without a paddle.


Take some extra time prepping before you set out on your camping trip and you'll thank yourself in the long run.


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