Camping Story: The Growl In The Everglades

Have you ever heard something that made your skin crawl when you were camping?  

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A few years ago I was camping in the Everglades in Florida with a few friends. We all had gone into our separate tents and were starting to fall asleep. The area was pretty noisy with bugs, crickets, birds, etc. I heard this very low vibration, sounding almost like a low roar.

It was powerful enough to vibrate in my chest. Suddenly everything in the forest shut up. no bugs, no birds, nothing. about thirty seconds later my phone vibrates and it's my friend in the other tent texting me asking if I heard the same thing. the four of us kept texting each other, wondering what it was. about ten minutes later all the animals slowly started making noise again.

I slept that night with my machete at arms reach.

Edit: A lot of people are saying it might have been a gator. We were in an elevated area that was far from any streams or ponds. Its possible there might have been a pond with a gator that we missed, but the very big ones tend to hang out in lakes.

Story Credit: Biggs180

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