The 10 Best Survival Pinterest Boards To Follow

Pinterest has an abundance of Survival Boards and this is a good thing. However, finding original content is a different matter altogether.  Don't get me wrong, I like looking at pictures, but when I click on an image, I want something to consume, not a 404 page or dead link.

The following survival sites have proven time and time again that they only post the most useful content.

Here are the 10 best Survival Boards You Should be Following

Prepping Family Survival

These articles are targeted toward families. How to talk with spouses and loved ones about prepping, activities that prepper families can do together, and most of all: teaching kids survival skills. It's very important to get your kids involved with prepping. Not only will they cope better during a disaster, they could end up being a huge help.

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Tips & Tricks (Camping and Survival)

This pinner has a multitude of camping and survival hacks, but that's not all. They've also got extensive content on bug out bags, vehicles, and apocalyptic content to keep you alive.

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Camping Board

Jenn pins about Camping hacks, recipes, fire starting tips, pest control, outdoor living, and other life changing camping tips.

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Wilderness Survival 

This wilderness board features a lot of tips and "how-tos" on subjects related to health and first aid and hypothermia. 


EDC - Every Day Carry

If you enjoy looking at EDC gear and various random EDC Kits then this is the board for ou to follow.

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Survival by Prepared Bloggers

A self explanatory intro on what you'll find here. Prepared Bloggers - pinning relevant information on Survival to keep you and your family prepared and self-sufficient.

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Safety and Survival Gear

These guys find new survival gadgets all the time. The board is about safety and survival gear to ensure that you're prepared at all times.

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Prepping / SHTF

Great SHTF & prepping advice and ideas. You never now when the power will go out and you have no access to this advice.

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Survival Skills by Survival Life

How to's and survival techniques you should know before the SHTF.

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Bug Out Bag Tips

The best of the best information for your bug out bag. Everyone should have a bug out bag so worst case-you've got the basics you need to survive.

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Did we miss any good boards to follow? 


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