9 Winter Holiday Travel Tips

With the holidays upon us and the hectic pace of winter travel imminent, here are some tips to make your life just a tad bit easier. It's no secret that travel can be quite stressful, and plans can change unexpectedly, so prepare, keep a positive outlook, and enjoy your time with friends and family!

#1 Plan Ahead for Your Own Sanity

Don't wait until the last minute to make plans. Happenstance travel during this time of year can quickly lead to disaster, so save yourself the headache. 

#2 Leave an Extra Hour Early

Giving yourself more time than usual during this time of year can be extremely helpful. Bring along some reading material or write your own Go Bag Essential list with your extra time. 

#3 Pack as Light as Possible

Airlines have strict baggage limits, and having 18 pairs of clothes isn't always practical, so cut back and minimize your risk of loosing baggage or packages. 

#4 Steer Clear of the Flu

Winter travel can be a frequent contributor to the cold and flu, so be aware of this and do your best to keep from being overexposed to germs. 

#5 Give Your Vehicle a Check-Up

It is always good practice to do pre-holiday check ups to ensure your vehicle is in good working condition. 

#6 Be Prepared for a Change of Course

Before departing, familiarize yourself with your route and be confident with it. Winter travel is unpredictable, cell towers can go down, so be sure to have an old fashioned map in the car to get you down the road. 

#7 Pack Emergency Supplies

If you are traveling by car be sure to have a "Go Bag" in your vehicle. Becoming stranded in a vehicle during the winter can be dangerous if you are not prepared, so pack well and be alert. Things to consider might be an ice scraper, tow rope, jumper cables, blankets, flashlights, matches, emergency candles, first aid kit, portable radio, cat litter for traction and a good book in case you're stuck for awhile somewhere. 

#8 Stay Hydrated

By staying hydrated, I don't mean wine. Certainly enjoy your share of holiday cheer, but don't forget about lots and lots of water. It's very easy to get dehydrated in the winter months, keep that in mind. Don't forget your Survival Water Filter for your travels, never know when you may desperately need it.

#9 Get Plenty of Rest

Whether this means an extra hour of sleep, or half an hour walk at the dog park on your route. Get plenty of rest from behind the wheel to stay alert. 

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