7 Earthquake Survival Tips Everyone Should Know

We're all bound to witness a large earthquake in our lifetime. Whether you live in Southern California, or in the alps - tectonic are always moving, and the results are disastrous.  Here are 7 earthquake survival tips you should know.

1. Secure Windows and items that could fall or break.

2. Go to the part of your house with the highest structural integrity like a door frame or under something sturdy and heavy like a table or desk.

3. Do not stop on or under bridges. If the ground starts shaking while on a bridge, your #1 priority is getting off that bridge.

4. Stay away from tall structures and buildings. Find an open area like a field until the quake stops.

5. Completely pull off of the shoulder of roads. Roads can crack and swallow cars. Try to get completely off the asphalt.

6. Create a bug out bag or a 72 hour kit that includes food, water, and a first aid kit.

7. Designate a bug out location your family will meet at when the phones are down.

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